1. I wonder how many people I've looked at all my life and never seen.
change is constant.

I just want it to be summer so I can wear skirts and dresses again.

My favourites taken by TriciaZaremba.

7 / REBLOGAlways fun shooting w/ TZ. Excited to see what else she captured! www.triciazaremba.tumblr.com

In life: always too much to do

In life: never enough time to do it all (but tries)

In school: always too much to do

In school: tons of time but does nothing anyways

I’m sitting here thinking “wow, September is almost over, October is so soon!”
But then I think to myself, “that means December is only a few jumps away.”
But if you think like me,
in your head it’s already May and teachers college is over (finally).

But let’s back track…

December is only a few jumps away and therefore, so is a Mediterranean adventure.


teachers college is keeping me in a perma-sleepy/headachiiiiiiiiiiiii state
3 / REBLOGMilo telling me about her day.
1 / REBLOGThe move back to Welly (just in time to munch my little babies).
1 / REBLOGGuys… Mumford killed it.
0 / REBLOGRomantic dinner for 2
1 / REBLOGOne of the only photos on my birthday. Thanks all y’all beautiful friends who spent it with me.
0 / REBLOGClassic.
0 / REBLOGFun day w/ some cuties! 🌞
8 / REBLOGBeautiful view at work this morning. 🌻
0 / REBLOGDean can really capture a moment.